Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy tickets online?

Tickets are only available at Hansen’s Dairy stores in Waterloo (3015 Kimball Ave.), Cedar Falls (127 E. 18th St.) and Hudson (Tour Center, 8461 Lincoln Rd.). Call 319-988-9834 to purchase tickets over the phone. Handling fee applies for telephone transactions.

Can I use my membership card to pay for tickets?

You may use your membership card to pay for tickets at the Waterloo store only.

Can I buy tickets at the breakfast?

Tickets will NOT be sold at the breakfast.

How many tickets will be sold?

There will be 200 tickets available for each breakfast time slot. Tickets went on sale Oct. 1, 2018.

Does my infant/toddler need a ticket?

If the child will have his/her own plate, we would like them to have a ticket. Tickets are free for children 5 and under.

Do I have to arrive immediately at the beginning of my time slot?

No, in fact we encourage arriving any time in your time slot to avoid congestion in the serving line. After your meal, you may ride the trolley to the farm for activities and seeing the animals. All attendees may stay at the farm as long as they would like until the event ends at 12:30 p.m.