Save the date!

  1. Superior flavor & freshness

  2. The best-tasting milk you can buy.

  3. Family-owned & local

  4. When our products get to your table, they may be only a few hours old. Our products are available at several grocery stores and restaurants within a 25-mile radius of the farm. Buying local is good for the economy and the environment.

  5. Just our cows

  6. The milk comes only from the cows in our closed herd — single source.

  7. No added hormones

  8. We do not inject our cows with rBST/rBGH.

Family member Beckett Hansen thinks our gallon jug is a convenient, single serving.

  1. Pasteurized

  2. We use a high-temperature,
    short-time (HTST) pasteurization process to best preserve the natural flavor of the milk.

  3. Creamline milk -
    ‘Shake, shake, pour!’

  4. Homogenization breaks down the molecules of milk, which destroys its natural state. Our milk is non-homogenized. Some people with lactose intolerance say they can consume Hansen’s products with no ill effects. The cream rises to the top, so remember to shake well before serving.

  5. Sell-by date

  6. The date stamped on Hansen’s products is a sell-by date, not an expiration date.

Hansen’s Dairy Farm

8461 Lincoln Rd.

Hudson, IA 50643

(319) 939-2187

We are NOT doing pre-orders of hams this year. They will be sold on a first-come,
first-served basis. Don't worry, we order plenty!


For questions about hams and turkeys, call our stores in Waterloo (319-234-3309) or Cedar Falls (319-266-3044).

Bell & Evans turkeys  

  1. Heirloom turkeys raised in Pennsylvania, specifically for our order

  2. Sold FRESH, not frozen, for Thanksgiving

  3. Available for sale at our stores Nov. 17

  4. Fed an all-vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics, minimally processed, no basting ingredients, no artificial ingredients. Meat is considered "light" by USDA standards. 

  5. Weights range from 6 to 20 pounds

Hansen's Hams (new lower price!)  

  1. From Webster City Custom Meats in Webster City, Iowa; made especially for Hansen's customers

  2. Sold FRESH, not frozen, for Thanksgiving

  3. Available for sale at our stores Nov. 14

  4. Bone-in, shankless, cured only with their own natural juices, certified hickory smoked

  5. Two sizes: half hams (7-9 lbs, serves 10) and whole hams (15-18 lbs, serves 20)

Beeler's Antibiotic-Free Hams 

  1. From Lemars, Iowa

  2. Sold FRESH, not frozen for Thanksgiving

  3. Available for sale at our stores Nov. 14

  4. No antibiotics, bone-in, uncured, fully cooked

  5. Limited supply of half hams (7-8 lbs) and whole hams (14-15 pounds)

Get in the holiday spirit and treat your taste buds at our fourth annual Festival of Cheese!  


DAY: Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017   

TIME: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

LOCATION: Hansen's Dairy Waterloo, 3015 Kimball Ave.  

COST: Free  

DETAILS: Sample our high-quality cheeses and hams, available for your holiday gatherings. Receive 20% off any cheese purchased during the event. There will be free peppermint soft-serve cones, Sidecar Coffee, and Hansen's hot chocolate and egg nog. There's even a craft for the kids! For more information click here.

Are you wondering what to get for that person who has everything or needs nothing? A gift basket full of delicious and locally sourced foods can make a perfect gift. 


At Hansen's Dairy we have seven different choices for premade baskets - Breakfast Basket, Movie Night Basket, Cheddar Basket and more. View the selection form here.

Baskets are made to order, so call ahead to give us plenty of time to assemble. Items are limited to quantities on hand.     

Contact your favorite Hansen's Dairy location to order your basket today, or call Jeanne at (319) 939-2187.

Why choose Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy?

Hams, turkeys available at Hansen’s stores

Gift baskets