Hansen's Dairy products

Dairy Products

Creamline Milk

Hansen's Dairy whole, 1%, skim, chocolate milk

Skim, 1% and whole in white milk; 1% in chocolate milk.
Available in gallons and half-gallons.


Hansen's Dairy salted butter, 4-pound and 1-pound tubs

Salted and unsalted varieties.
Available in 1-pound and 4-pound tubs.

Heavy Cream

Hansen's Dairy heavy whipping cream

Perfect in your coffee and for whipping or baking.
Available in quarts and gallons. 

Cheese Curds

Hansen's Dairy cheese curds many flavors

Made in six flavors: mild white cheddar, red pepper, bacon, dill, ranch, and buffalo. Available in 12-ounce and 4-pound bags.

Hard ice cream

Hansen's Dairy vanilla ice cream

Old-fashioned ice cream in over 20 flavors.
Available in half gallons, pints and half pints.

Soft-serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream

Made on-farm at Hansen's Dairy. Available in rotating flavors as treats at Hansen's Dairy Cedar Falls.

Ice cream cakes


Perfect for special gatherings. Ice cream flavor and frosting decoration can be customized. 

Egg nog

Hansen's Dairy egg nog

Made seasonally from October through December.
Available only in half-gallons.