Hansen’s Dairy sells beef from the Holstein dairy herd when a cow is retired from milking. Cuts include include hamburger in bulk and patties, dried beef, stew meat and liver. 

Steaks are not available from our dairy cows as they are not fed a diet to produce fattier cuts of meat. They milk off the fat that they do consume, so they are a leaner animal in general. Hansen’s Dairy ground beef is usually about 96% lean.

Our cows eat a mixture of hay silage, corn silage, high-moisture corn, distillers grain, canola meal and other vitamins and minerals. A milking cow will consume about 90 pounds of feed a day and drink about 40 gallons of water. All ages of cows have access to go outside on dirt to get exercise and off the concrete.

Hansen’s Dairy cows are treated with antibiotics only if they contract a serious infection, which is rare. If a cow has been treated, her milk/meat is withheld from human consumption until the withdrawal period is over. Our cows are not given growth hormones.