wagyu-holstein beef for sale

Born and bred


  • Wagyu crossbred with Holstein, born and raised on our dairy farm 
  • No hormones or preventive antibiotics
  • Fed corn silage, hay silage and high moisture corn
  • Butchered at 27-29 months

Desirable choice


  • More marbling than other beef
  • Higher ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fatty acids than other beef, which can lower risk of heart disease and stroke

Supreme flavor, tenderness

juicy, Wagyu-Holstein, New York Strip, ribeye, filet, marbling, best beef

  • Intense, buttery flavor 
  • Low melting point, so meat literally melts in your mouth
  • Smaller serving sizes because of rich flavor 
  • Steaks and burgers recommended to be cooked to medium rare


Contact Us

For questions regarding Wagyu-Holstein beef, call Blake Hansen at (319) 610-1530 or send us an email.