A tribute to Daddy during June Dairy Month

June 16, 2013 3:10 pm

Daddy sharing his cows with Reese on his first Father’s Day. She’s a little scared in this photo but has really warmed up to them now.

Since today is Father’s Day, and June is National Dairy Month, I decided to share what makes my husband the best dairy daddy.

Blake loves showing our kids (Reese, 3, and Beckett, 1) all about being a farmer. Reese has already had a lot of hands-on experiences with cows and is discovering all the different aspects of raising them.

I love how he is instilling in our children (and his nieces and nephews) his love for animals. He is patient, caring, sensitive and kind, both in his work life and home life. He works hard until he gets the job done, then comes in and plays hard with the kids.

I love watching Blake be a dad. I would be proud if our kids grow up to be a farmer — or a parent — just like him.

Written by Jordan Hansen


Reese feeding calves (and thinking the bottle is for her)


Daddy lets Reese milk one of our most docile cows


Part of doing chores means feeding the wallabies.


Even inside the house, Reese enjoys looking at cows with Daddy.


Beckett gets a closeup view of our 7-week premature calf Eyelash.