‘Legendairy’ Lineup

From our farm to your table, it all starts with rich, creamy milk. Hansen’s Dairy milk comes only from our closed herd of purebred Holsteins. Our cows are born and raised on our farm and are never treated with growth hormones. Taste the difference in our ‘legendairy’ products!


  • Fresh. When you buy Hansen’s milk, it may have come from our cows less than 24 hours before.
  • Non-homogenized. We produce creamline milk, so the cream rises to the top. Shake your jug before serving to redistribute the cream.
  • Choose. We make skim, 1%, whole and chocolate milk.


  • Two ingredients. Cream and salt, that’s it! We also make unsalted butter (great for baking).
  • Fresh weekly. We package our butter in 1-pound tubs.
  • Extra creamy. Our high-quality butter is high in fat. The proof is in the all-natural yellow color and rich, creamy texture.

cheese curds

  • Squeaky. The mark of a fresh cheese curd is that it squeaks in your mouth! Hansen’s fresh curds are available in 12-ounce bags and 4-pound bags.
  • No dye. Hansen’s cheddar curds are white because we don’t add dye to make them yellow.
  • Choose. We make six flavors: white cheddar, spicy red pepper, ranch, dill, bacon and buffalo.
Ice cream by hansen's dairy

ice cream

  • Old-fashioned. Hansen’s Ice Cream is made with creamline milk and cream, resulting in an old-fashioned, homemade texture.
  • Size it right. Enjoy a treat at one of our stores or take home a half-gallon, pint or half-pint.
  • Choose. We offer more than 20 flavors. Feast your eyes on the list.

heavy cream

  • Size it right. Our delicious heavy cream is bottled in quarts and gallons, but is also used to make our butter and ice cream.
  • Whip it good. With a fat content of about 38%, our heavy cream makes a wonderful whipped cream and adds rich flavor to your coffee and cooked dishes.
  • Shake it up. Shake before serving.
Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy

Wagyu-Holstein beef

  • Home grown. Our Wagyu-Holstein beef cows are born and raised on our farm and never treated with growth hormones or preventive antibiotics.
  • Superior marbling. Wagyu beef is world-renowned for its tender texture and rich, buttery flavor. 
  • Variety of cuts. Try our filet, New York strip, ribeye and sirloin, as well as ground beef, summer sausage, beef sticks and jerky. Read more about the quality of our cuts on our blog post.

ice cream cakes

  • Serve a crowd. Ice cream cakes are the perfect dessert for your gatherings, serving 16-18 people. Mini 6” cakes are also available for smaller get-togethers.
  • Delicious dessert. The desserts contain chocolate or white cake, ice cream and frosting.
  • Customizable. Buy one pre-decorated off the shelf or customize your order by calling Hansen’s Dairy Waterloo at (319) 234-3309. Please give at least three days notice.

egg nog

  • Seasonal favorite. Hansen’s egg nog is made October through December for your fall and winter festivities.
  • Rich flavor. With notes of nutmeg and vanilla, our egg nog is perfect alone or mixed with your favorite spirits. We won’t tell.
  • Right-sized. Available in half-gallons.