One Farm • 150 Years • Seven Generations

Seven generations of Hansens have called the farm home since 1864. The land is designated as an Iowa Heritage Farm, which means it has been owned by the same family for 150 years. We have milked dairy cows here since the 1950s, and we processed our first gallon of milk in our on-site creamery in February 2004.

Our Family

Jay and Jeanne Hansen have four sons (Brent, Brad, Blair and Blake) involved in the farm. Blake milks and cares for the herd while Blair manages the crops and cow nutrition. Brad is in charge of creamery operations and Brent delivers the finished dairy products.

Hansen's family
man feeding cow Hansen's Dairy

Our Cows

We manage a closed herd of 300 registered Black & White and Red & White Holsteins. We milk 150 cows twice a day. Alongside the dairy herd are our Wagyu-Holstein cows, raised for beef. Wagyu beef is known for its extraordinary marbling and rich flavor. Read more about the Wagyu-Holstein herd here.

Our products

The milk processed in our creamery comes from a single source — the cows in our closed herd. We also make butter, cheese curds, heavy cream and more than 20 flavors of ice cream, along with Wagyu-Holstein beef. We sell our products in our retail stores in Cedar Falls and Waterloo and distribute to 40 other locations in Eastern Iowa.


Our kangaroos

A trip to Australia spurred Blake Hansen’s love of kangaroos and resulted in several of those happy hoppers making a home here on the farm. Today an illustrated kangaroo serves as our official logo. Farm visitors can pet and feed our kangaroos during our hands-on tours.