Farm fresh

Hansen's Dairy butter, handfilled

Hansen’s Dairy Sweet Cream Butter contains only two ingredients: cream and salt. It is made fresh weekly in our on-farm creamery. Hansen’s Dairy butter is available in 1-pound and 4-pound tubs.

High Quality

Hansen's Dairy butter, cream

Hansen’s Dairy Sweet Cream Butter is higher in fat content and lower in milk solids, which makes it a higher quality butter. The proof is in the deep yellow, all-natural color.

Available Unsalted

Hansen's Dairy unsalted butter 4-pound and 1-pound tubs

For those using butter when baking, Hansen’s Sweet Cream Butter is available unsalted. Because salt is a preservative, our unsalted butter is only available frozen.


Can butter be frozen? 

Yes, both salted and unsalted butter can be frozen. In fact, unsalted butter should be kept frozen because there is no salt in it for preservation. 

Why don’t you sell butter in sticks?
The cost of a stick machine is prohibitive for us. To measure out a “stick” of butter from your 1-pound tub, turn your butter tub upside down when it’s cold and the butter will fall out. One quarter equals one stick.