It’s about the milk…

May 3, 2012 8:39 pm

It all started with the milk. We sell many different products in our stores, but the most fundamental product is our milk.

What’s so special about our milk?

It’s locally produced and processed. When our milk and cream get to your table, they may be only a few hours old. We grow the feed that our cows eat, we have a contained herd of happy cows that produce delicious milk, we process the milk in our on-farm creamery, and we deliver it ourselves to local stores, restaurants, and establishments.

It’s non-homogenized. Most of the milk sold in stores is homogenized. This means that the fat particles are broken down into tiny pieces. In natural milk, the cream rises to the top. Homogenization distributes the fat throughout the milk. In our non-homogenized milk, the fat particles are in their natural state. Some people with lactose intolerance are able to drink Hansen’s milk, and it could be because we leave our milk alone! Since the cream rises to the top, remember to shake well. (Note: All of our milk is pasteurized.)

No added growth hormones. Our cows are never treated with rBST/rBGH. It’s all natural. And, our cows eat, drink, sleep, and roam around as they please. They just do their “cow” thing and make great milk.

It’s produced on an Iowa Century Farm that’s a family operation. The Jay and Jeanne Hansen farm has been in the family since Jay’s ancestors immigrated from Germany in 1861. The dairy herd originated in 1953. Today, we own 175 cows and nearly 200 heifers, all purebred registered Holsteins. We operate a closed herd and sell our surplus cows.

We own and work on the farm. When all four sons were interested in returning to work on their home farm, we began processing milk as a way to add value to our product so several families could be supported on the farm. The first gallon of non-homogenized milk was produced in February 2004.

So, it’s about the milk because it is the reason we got started. We work to keep our cows content so that the milk, ice cream, and other products that we make for you are as high-quality, delicious, and healthy as possible. Our milk is farm fresh every day from our family to yours.