It’s More Than Milk

July 18, 2012 10:30 am

Cow milk provides us with a number of different things. We can use it to make cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream or we can drink the milk as is. Did you know that, aside from providing our daily dairy intake, cows support our daily routine in many other ways as well? By-products from cows can be found in a number of different items that many of us use every day. These by-products allow us to utilize 99% of every dairy cow! Listed below are some of the ways that cows really do touch us daily.

From Fats/Fatty Acids

  • Candles-made from Stearic Acid found in rendered beef fat.
  • Crayons-made from rendered beef fat. Tallow and Stearic Acid from cattle are used.
  • Chewing Gum-made from Stearic Acid found in rendered beef fat.
  • Shaving Cream-made from Lard found in rendered beef fat.
  • Soaps-made from Stearic Acid found in rendered beef fat.
  • Lipsticks-made from Stearic Acid found in rendered beef fat.
  • Detergents-made from Palmitic Acid found in rendered beef fat.
  • Mouthwash-contains Glycerin and Benzoic Acid found in cattle fluids. 
  • Paints-made from Tallow found in beef fat.

From Hair

  • Paintbrushes

From Hide

  • Sporting Goods
  • Belts
  • Dog Chews

From Collagen-based Adhesives

  • Bandages-adhesives made from blood.
  • Wallpaper-adhesives made from blood.

From Bones & Hooves

  • Fertilizer-made from Bone Meal.
  • Camera Film-made from Gelatin Protein.
  • Marshmallows-contains Gelatin Protein, obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water.
  • Gelatin-made from Gelatin Protein.
  • Dice-made from Bone.
  • Glue-made from Gelatin Protein.

Cattle by-products are often used in a number of different life-enhancing pharmaceutical products as well. From the pancreas we can get Insulin to help treat diabetes and Chymotrypsin to aid in the healing of burns and wounds. From the liver we can get Heparin to prevent blood clotting and Vitamin B-12 Extract to prevent B-complex deficiencies. Other notable products include Bone Marrow to treat blood disorders and Iron to treat anemia.

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Written By: Christine Schick