Farm fresh

Hansen's Dairy farm fresh milk

Hansen’s Dairy milk is extremely fresh. The milk a cow gives in the morning is pasteurized that day and can be served at your table that night.

Shake, shake, pour

Hansen's Dairy non-homogenized milk

Hansen’s Dairy Sweet Cream Butter is higher in fat content and lower in milk solids, which makes it a higher quality butter. The proof is in the deep yellow, all-natural color.

Single source

Hansen's Dairy half gallon milk

Hansen’s Dairy milk comes only from purebred Holsteins. Our cows are born and raised on our farm and are never treated with growth hormones.


Why does your milk taste different/better than other milk?

We closely monitor our cows’ diet, as the flavor of the milk can change based on what they eat. The milk is also extremely fresh — the milk a cow gives in the morning can be pasteurized and served on your table that night.

What is non-homogenization?

Homogenization breaks up the fat globules of milk so that the particles are uniformly sized. Since Hansen’s milk is non-homogenized, that means that the cream rises to the top. It should be shaken before being served. Unlike pasteurization (heating the milk to kill bacteria), homogenization is not required to sell milk. We choose not to homogenize to keep the milk in its most natural state. Some people who are lactose-intolerant have had an easier time digesting our milk. Give it a try!

What milk is your best seller?

Our most popular milk is skim milk.

Which milk is best for you?

That depends on your nutritional needs. Whole milk (3.5% fat) is recommended for young children and the elderly, who need more fat in their diet. Skim or 1% milk is recommended for people wanting the most protein. Most doctors would recommend skim or 1% milk for healthy adults.

Can you freeze milk?

Freezing milk is not recommended as it may change the flavor and consistency.

Are your products organic?

No, we farm conventionally.

Do you sell raw milk?

No, it is illegal to sell raw milk in Iowa.

Why do you not carry 2% milk?

Based on taste, we feel that a customer would be happy consuming 1% milk or whole (3.5%) milk in place of 2%.